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i want to create a tv show about a group of friends where they’re all queer except the one token cishet friend who’s only there to say stereotypical “straight” things for laughs like “macklemore got me into rap” and “my mom and i got into a fight because she wouldn’t buy me a fourth obey snapback”

Or we could just stop stereotyping people.

you’re cast

i look cute with bangs and without bangs

im just amazing period

Anonymous asked:

god I'm hoping so badly for Cassie and Janet in Antman-Rebecca

omitting cassie would be the dumbest thing ever considering the whole scott’s origin story

Anonymous asked:

I think they were def invoking Peter's start with her storyline. I love it! Also that she has a civilian supporting cast, because I love civilian supporting casts-Rebecca

me too

Anonymous asked:

I think the main problem is that they cast a white, non-semtic women to play a woman of romani-jewish heritage. But yeah I love the idea of her on screen being a bamf and central character. Also potentially billy at some point!-rebecca

yesss id be so happy if scott lang brought cassie and wanda brought billy and we’d have set up for next gen !!!

 tehawesomnessofshipping said: what why are they angry

Apparently 1) Whedon turns Wanda from Romani to English and 2) Elizabeth Olsen talks about how ‘totally crazy’ Wanda is, or something among these lines

so many people is so angry over wanda but i so!!! want!!! to be!!! excited!!! that one of the most important comic ladies is being brought to the big sceen!!!